Pixi Glow Tonic

Hi guys! Here’s to another skincare review…today it’s the turn of the Pixi Glow tonic I recently bought (again) from their shop in Carnaby street! 

A lot has been said about this product…a couple of years ago there was so much hype about it that it was always out of stock, but now you can find plenty of it most time…but what is it?

It’s an exfoliating toner, supposed to be suitable for all skin types, at a very competitive price! To use it simply dampen a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face after cleansing AM/PM before applying your serums and moisturiser!

I bought this acid toner as substitute of my beloved Biologique P5o lotion, to use it more frequently as it’s a lot milder, but also as my summer time toner.

Glycolic acid exfoliate the skin revealing new skin cells, while aloe vera soothe and hydrate. It’s also enriched with witch hazel to firm and tone and chestnut to boost blood flow!

It prepares the skin to receive following treatments without being too aggressive ( no redness) , making it perfect for all skin types!

I definitely recommend this product, everyone can use it and everyone will benefit of it! If you’ve never used exfoliating toners then this is a good start! 

You can find it in their boutique in carnaby street and Covent Garden or on cultbeauty.com and its £18 for 250ml!

Ciao for now 😉

Fabio x

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